Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I. Heart. Drapes.

Ask anyone who has had the dubious honor of living with me during the past 5 years: I love drapes! I love picking out drapery fabric, I love sewing drapes, I love moving drapes from window to window in my house until I finally decide that I don't like them anymore and I get to make drapes all over again. For anyone who has a stressful, particularly cerebral occupation, making drapes--which is kind of a no-brainer--is like therapy, but better than therapy because, of course, your mother's character is not called into question and after it's done, you have a lovely new element to a room in your house. If you are just starting to sew, I suggest that you make drapes your first project.... save for a few artful details, they really just are big rectangles. The ones pictured above are my most recent drapery project.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Following our June 2006 nuptials, Darling Husband moved into my bachelorette pad, a townhouse that well suited the single gal and her fabulous roomie and BFF, but was allegedly Too Girlie. And probably was, given that my love of toile fabric and dainty chaise lounges was still in full swing. Not to mention the full-sized bed (I am not sure who came up with that designation), which Darling Husband deemed too small, given my proclivity for sleeping, as he puts it, in the shape of a starfish. I am 12 inches shorter than DH, but evidently took up 82% of the bed. So we graduated to a king-sized bed, then began the 18 month process of looking for a headboard. Long story short, we were too cheap to buy anything, so I made one myself and I think it turned out pretty nifty.

Hi there.

Hi there.

I used to be very judgey about blogs, but then somehow I got hooked on reading the most mundane details about the lives of others. So naturally I decided that I have just as many, if not more, mundane details to share, so why not start my own?

I'm what's currently known as a Recovering Lawyer. In the 80's that probably meant a barrister grappling with cocaine addicition, but these days it refers to those of us who cried our way through 3 years of law school, spent countless nights crying in our very plush offices and finally got up the nerve to walk away... well, sort of. It's hard to go from platinum handcuffs to acryllic freedom, so I am now practicing law part-time through Counsel On Call.

With the extensive non-law time that I now have on my hands, my sister and I have started a business,which involves no law whatsoever. We might even break some laws just to keep it non-law. But I digress.... I love to sew, and so does my sister, so we started Brevelle Linen Company (Brevelle is our maiden name and, until our cousin Craig and his wife very recently welcomed Baby Boy, we believed that naming our company that would be perhaps the only way that the name would live on).

This blog will be dedicated to things that I find either entertaining, either because they have to do with sewing, or they have to do with The Law, or for no reason other than I find them interesting and think You might too (whoever You are).